NHI Vision

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Modern scientists and engineers are constantly faced with new challenges. Domain scientists including bioengineers and materials scientists are using advanced experimental and computational techniques to investigate physical phenomena on multiple length-scales. We are now approaching the time that we need new and improved capabilities to better control the scientific instruments (e.g. nanoscale synthesis, high-resolution microscopes, computational modeling, super computers, etc.). We envision that NHI domain scientists will develop new methods that increase the rate of data collection.

If we are successful in developing improved capabilities to accelerate the collection of scientific data, we will then need improved methods to curate, archive, analyze, and interpret data.  We envision that NHI computer scientists will find new techniques to manage and utilize data to maximize the return on investment that is required to collect scientific data.

Upon a higher rate of data collection and analysis, humans will approach their maximum cognitive load. Humans will then be limited to use the new information to draw meaningful conclusions. We envision that NHI social scientists will discover and implement new user interfaces/environments that assist the human researcher rather than hinder their ability to draw conclusions. 

Overall, the mission of this Nano | Human Interfaces Presidential Initiative is to create a whole new, exciting, and highly visual way of interacting with instruments of scientific discovery.