Christopher J. Marvel

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NHI Associate Director
Nanoscale Interfaces

Chris Marvel, Ph.D., is a research scientist in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. He is the co-PI with Dr. Martin Harmer on a Cooperative Research Agreement with the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) focused on atomic structure and composition of nanostructured high entropy metals and ceramics. He is also a co-PI in the Materials for Extreme and Dynamic Environments (MEDE) research consortium, in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University, Rutgers University, and ARL, that seeks to improve the high-rate ballistic impact resistance of boron carbide. A central focus of Dr. Marvel’s research is to apply advanced electron microscopy techniques to determine how atomic structure and composition of atomic interfaces impact bulk material behavior. Dr. Marvel graduated from Lehigh in ’12 and ’16 PhD and also serves on the ASM International Emerging Professionals Committee in addition to serving as the Vice President of the local Lehigh Valley ASMI Chapter. 
Dr. Marvel, as the Associate Director of the NHI, helps oversee the progress and future direction of the NHI Initiative. He also helps develop weekly meeting agendas and leads the meetings. His specific NHI interest is to study new methods using visualization and VR/AR environments to train the next generation of materials scientists and electron microscopists. Similarly, he looks to implement new quantitative methods to investigate nanoscale interfaces, and utilize these new forms of data to create useful data repositories that can be easily used to query and thus implement machine learning methods of microscopy data.
Research Interests
  • Advanced Use and Training of Electron Microscopy Techniques
  • Atomic Structure and Composition of Grain Boundaries and Complexions
  • Processing and Properties of Armor Ceramics
  • Synthesis and Thermal Stability of Nanostructured Metals


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