Andrea J. Harmer

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Education Innovation



Andrea Harmer, Ed.D., is Chair of Library & Learning Technologies Department in the College of Education at Kutztown University, and part time professional staff at Lehigh University working on the Nano/Human Interface Presidential Research Initiative (NHI). Professor Harmer’s research interests include designing for learner engagement in middle and high school science and determining factors that promote young women’s awareness of and interest in pursuing STEM fields of study. More recently, Dr. Harmer has become interested in the application of augmented, virtual and mixed reality technologies, along with machine learning tools and artificial intelligence, for teaching K-20 scientific concepts that are difficult to grasp in 2D. She is also well versed in the selection of assistive technologies for those struggling with learning disabilities.
Dr. Harmer enjoys participating in educational outreach to K-12 students and educators to promote science education and has written two children’s books to engage students (and the public) in nanotechnology: Nanotechnology for Grades 1- 6+ and Nano in a Nutshell. At Lehigh University, Dr. Harmer received the Tradition of Excellence Award for her collaborative work with the Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology and is currently part of the NHI Visualization Lab Hololens team to help advance understanding of nanoscale science and accelerate scientific discovery.
Research Interests
  • Application of VR, AR, and MR technologies for science education
  • Designing for learner engagement in middle and high school science
  • Determining factors that promote young women's interest in STEM careers
  • Assistive technologies selection for students with learning disabilities